Thyroid Naturopath Adelaide

Thyroid Naturopath Adelaide

Thyroid health challenges can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Working with a thyroid naturopath can support you in gaining freedom from the symptoms associated with thyroid health issues.

Thyroid disorders can affect mood, energy levels, metabolism, weight, gut health, fertility and so much more.

Thyroid Naturopath Adelaide

These are the most common thyroid conditions I regularly support:

Sub Clinical Hypothyroid

This is the most common thyroid condition I see in my practice. Sub clinical hypo thyroid is when blood markers (TSH, T3, T3) are within range but far from optimal. Women who struggle with sub clinical hypo thyroid often suffer from many of the symptoms of under-active thyroid function which is what leads them to seek testing in the first place. In addition to sub optimal hormone levels and numerous symptoms, these women usually also struggle with mineral imbalance and high stress which further suppresses thyroid function.

Common symptoms of low thyroid function include:

– Unwarranted weight gain

– Lack of appetite in the morning

– Fatigue

– Low mood, lack of joy, lack of motivation, irritable, anxiety

– Sensitivity to cold

– Hair loss, loss of eyebrow hair, dry hair

– Dry skin, weak nails

– Feeling puffy, fluid retention, puffy face

– Constipation, sluggish bowels, bloating, food intolerance

– Lack of thirst

– High cholesterol

– Irregular periods and/or difficult menopause

Working with a naturopath for thyroid health can allow you to resolve a number of the symptoms associated with low thyroid function. Diet and lifestyle changes combined with the use of key nutrients and herbal medicine can support you to rapidly improve your health and gain control over thyroid related weight gain.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an auto immune thyroid condition leading to hypothyroid (under-active / low thyroid function). A diagnosis of Hashimoto’s requires the presence of thyroid peroxidase (TPO) antibodies to be elevated in a blood test. Unfortunately, it is not a standard measure to check for TPO antibodies and Hashimoto’s often goes undetected for years.

If you strongly suspect a hypothyroid condition you can discuss this test with your GP or you can order it privately through your naturopath.

If Hashimoto’s is the cause of your hypothyroid condition, it is important to uncover this as it will change the course of support offered by your naturopath.

Postpartum Thyroiditis

Postpartum thyroiditis is a temporary condition that can develop after a women gives birth. Postpartum thyroiditis is simply inflammation of the thyroid glad but this inflammation can initially result in symptoms associated with hyperthyroid function then later on, symptoms of hypo thyroid function can develop.

While the exact cause is unknown, risk factors include:

– Stressful pregnancy or traumatic birth

– History of thyroid conditions or the presence of TPO antibodies before or during pregnancy

– Nutrient deficiencies

– Type 1 diabetes

Similar to sub clinical hypo thyroid, women may still experience the symptoms associated with postpartum thyroiditis while blood hormone levels remain within range. It is important to know, support is available for the symptoms you are experiencing regardless of your blood test results.


As a naturopath who works primarily with women who want to lose weight, I do not see as many hyper thyroid conditions as I do hypo thyroid conditions.

Symptoms associated with hyper thyroid include:

– Anxiety, nervousness, restlessness

– Difficulty concentrating

– Fatigue

– Sleep problems

– Heart palpitations, racing heart, tremor

– Frequent bowel movements, loose bowel movements

– Goitre or thyroid nodules

– Weight loss, usually accompanied by an increase in appetite

– Heat intolerance, increased sweating

– Hair loss

The most common causes of hyper thyroid are Graves’ disease, taking too much thyroid hormone / medication, inflammation of the thyroid gland and taking too much iodine (usually in supplemental form).

Working with a naturopath can support you in managing the symptoms associated with hyper thyroid. Naturopathic support does not replace medical care, instead you can enjoy the benefits of two systems working together.

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