Bio Resonance Adelaide

Bio Resonance Therapy Adelaide

​Are you looking for a natural and holistic approach to healing and restoring balance to your body?

Bio resonance and bio energetic medicine may be your answer. These innovative therapies work with the body’s own energy and frequencies to promote healing and wellness in a gentle and effective way.

Bio Resonance Adelaide: What is Bio Energetic Therapy?

Bio resonance is a gentle, safe and effective way to support your body’s own ability to heal. 
A bio resonance device can help to detect imbalances within the body on an energetic level. Once the imbalances are detected, a corrective energetic signature will be provided to help restore balance.

Why Choose Bio Resonance Therapy Adelaide?

There are a number of reasons why so many people choose to explore bio resonance and bio energetic medicine as a form of therapy. 
The most common reasons I see are: 
1.     You feel like you have tried many different things to resolve chronic issues but it still feels like something is missing 
2.     Some therapies, supplements and diet or lifestyle changes do work but symptoms tend to return 
3.     You have done test after test only to discover that everything looks good (despite feeling less than well..) 
4.     You are ready to uncover and resolve the root cause of your health challenges 

Do I need to believe in Bio Resonance Therapy for it to Work?

​I’ve worked with many women over the years who have struggled to believe that a non-invasive, energetic therapy could have provided them with such a significant shift in their health outcomes. 
I’ve been working with energy medicine since 2010 and even I still see results that have me in awe. 
Whether you are someone who believes in the body-mind connection or someone who is not quite sure, I would encourage you to explore bio energetic medicine as a tool to support you on your healing journey. 

How Does Bio Resonance Therapy Work?

Bio resonance therapy works by restoring balance to your energetic body.

It can be used as an isolated therapy or as a complementary therapy alongside other treatments.

I offer bio resonance therapy as a complementary therapy to support nutrition changes, lifestyle modifications and other interventions to support you in achieving your health outcomes.

Bio resonance therapy and bio energetic medicine is NOT a physical diagnostic tool. Using a bio resonance device will allow us to uncover what energetic imbalances are present in the body. 

Everything in this world has an energetic resonance. Our body, our body systems, and our organs all have their own unique resonance. A healthy body system will have a different resonance than a stressed or depleted body system.  

If a body system is flagged as stressed or depleted in a bio resonance scan, this DOES NOT mean that there is a physical issue with that body system. It is flagging an energetic imbalance only. 

Yes, at times a body system or organ may show on a scan, and you may be aware of a physical health issue related to this organ or body system. Even in this case, it is only the energetic imbalance that has been detected by the scan. Bio resonance scanning and bioenergetic medicine excel at helping people to uncover mind-body connections. 

It is a common understanding that stress can cause pain or tension in the jaw, shoulders, or neck. Anxiety can often be felt in the chest or abdominal region and may result in symptoms similar to that of IBS. From an esoteric point of view, grief may affect the energetic resonance of the lungs, anger or resentment may affect the energetic resonance of the liver, and fear may affect the energetic resonance of the kidneys or knees.  

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of interesting connections that can occur between the mind and body. 
A bio resonance scan can help to bring awareness to these connections. Once detected, you can work to resolve the imbalances that are causing energetic disharmony in the body. 

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